Facilities ManagementTrack 1: Maintenance

Projects completed through Track 1 are general repairs or routine maintenance calls including, but not limited to, light bulb replacement, HVAC issues, grounds work, pest control and other requests not requiring engineering or architectural services. Learn more about Facilities Management.

Campus Construction ManagementTrack 2: Small Projects (less than $4 million)

Projects completed through Track 2 require an update or change to the existing infrastructure or equipment in place. Examples include, but are not limited to, moving a wall, installing new plumbing or electrical systems and new door hardware or cameras. These are reviewed and/or led by the CCM to ensure compliance with university requirements and routed through the Aggie Works platform using the new construction and renovation option. A formal memo stating the dean or vice president support for the project request is required. 

Office of the University ArchitectTrack 3: Large Projects (greater than or equal to $4 million)

Projects completed through Track 3 involve construction and/or renovation with an anticipated investment greater than or equal to $4 million, modification to the campus master plan or changes to campus appearance, and arts and memorials. These also require capital plan submission and are led by the Office of the University Architect to ensure compliance with university requirements. To initiate the process, please use the templated request form

Track 4: Space Requests

All projects that involve space requests or moves follow Track 4. These are classified and processed within each division based on the type of space request made as outlined below. Once approved, a confirmation is provided to the requestor and Facilities and Energy Services to document and support moves.

  • Move within same department allocated space
  • Different department but same college or school (academic only)
  • Different department but same division/unit (non-academic)
  • External to division (reviewed by the Executive Facilities Committee)
  • Open request for unidentified space (reviewed by the Executive Facilities Committee)

Prior to submitting a space request online, you may also learn more about current campus occupancy.