The Executive Facilities Committee (EFC) represents the interests of faculty, staff and students with members from the research office, student affairs, faculty senate and more. The committee meets monthly to discuss requests that require additional review and to formally accept items that can be expedited for completion. All projects that are approved to move forward will be posted online following the monthly meetings.​

Depending on the scope of a project, the EFC may or may not need to provide additional review. Items that are considered routine maintenance or a request to update a space allocation within the same division will likely be approved at the facilities staff level. For more intricate projects – like reassigning of space to a different division or reconfiguring an office space – will require additional review by the EFC due to funding requirements, executive leadership approval and potentially Board of Regents approval.​

Throughout the process, regardless of how simple or complex a project, facilities staff will offer guidance from start to finish on the project request workflow, including scale of project, budgetary and timeline planning and any additional approvals needed.