Building NameAbbreviationBuilding NumberMaintenance Zone
Dr. David E. Schob Military Appreciation Home200Zone R South
Wells Residence HallWELL290Zone R South
Rudder Residence HallRUDD291Zone R South
Eppright Residence HallEPPR292Zone R South
Appelt Residence HallAPPE293Zone R South
Underwood Residence HallUNDE394Zone R South
Spence Hall - Dorm 1SPEN400Zone R South
Kiest Hall - Dorm 2KIES401Zone R South
Briggs Hall - Dorm 3BRIG402Zone R South
Fountain Hall - Dorm 4FOUN403Zone R South
Gainer Hall - Dorm 5GAIN404Zone R South
Lacy Hall - Dorm 6LACY405Zone R South
Leonard Hall - Dorm 7LEON406Zone R South
Harrell Hall - Dorm 8HARL407Zone R South
Whitely Hall - Dorm 9WHTE408Zone R South
White Hall - Dorm 10WHIT409Zone R South
Harrington Hall - Dorm 11HARR410Zone R South
Utay Hall - Dorm 12UTAY411Zone R South
Hart Residence HallHART417Zone R South
Mosher Residence HallMOSH433Zone R South
CommonsCOMM440Zone R South
Krueger Residence HallKRUE441Zone R South
Dunn Residence HallDUNN442Zone R South
Aston Residence HallASTO447Zone R South
Buzbee Leadership Learning CenterBUZB1402Zone R South
H. Grady Ash, Jr. '58 Leadership Learning CenterASH11403Zone R South
Corps Lounge - E1410Zone R South
Corps Lounge - F1411Zone R South
Laundry @ The Gardens1450Zone R South
The Gardens J1451Zone R South
The Gardens K1452Zone R South
The Gardens L1453Zone R South
The Gardens F1454Zone R South
The Gardens G1455Zone R South
The Gardens H1456Zone R South
The Gardens M1457Zone R South
The Gardens N1458Zone R South
The Gardens P1459Zone R South
The Gardens Q1460Zone R South
Activity Building1461Zone R South
University Apts Community Maintenance Bldg3197Zone R South
University Apartments Community CenterUACC3198Zone R South