Contact Supervisor: Brandon Leath 979-595-6527
Building NameAbbreviationBuilding NumberMaintenance Zone
Farm Service Northwest Shed46Zone C
Hatchery53Zone C
Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center165Zone C
Equine Initiative Barn171Zone C
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Western Arena173Zone C
Equine Initiative Concessions/Locker Bldg174Zone C
Equine Initiative Equestrian/Locker Bldg175Zone C
Hunt Seat Arena176Zone C
Equine Initiative Education BldgEQEB177Zone C
Equine Initiative Outreach BldgEQOB178Zone C
Equine Initiative Equipment Shed181Zone C
TX Forest Service Greenhouse276Zone C
TX Forest Service Greenhouse278Zone C
TX Forest Service GH Headhouse279Zone C
Veterinary Medical Sciences BuildingVMS507Zone C
Veterinary Teaching HospitalVTH508Zone C
Soil Testing LabSTL806Zone C
Entomology Research LabERLB815Zone C
Water Distribution Pump Station No. 1816Zone C
CUSE-ChemistryINSC861Zone C
Butler Building862Zone C
TVMC-Small Animal Building880Zone C
TVMC-Barn No 2943Zone C
Agronomy Field LabAGRL954Zone C
Soil/Crop Cotton Genetic Greenhouse955Zone C
Perennial Grass Breeding and GeneticsPGBG956Zone C
Purchasing & StoresPRCH957Zone C
Fleet ServicesFLSV958Zone C
Plant Science Greenhouse959Zone C
SCS Forage GreenhouseSCSFGH960Zone C
Cotton Greenhouse961Zone C
Plant Science Grain Sorghum Greenhouse962Zone C
Hort & Plant Science Greenhouse963Zone C
Agronomy Greenhouse964Zone C
Beasley LaboratoryBEAS965Zone C
Purchasing & Stores - General Storage966Zone C
Purchasing & Stores - Volatile Storage967Zone C
Transit ServicesTRSV969Zone C
Phys Plant-Grounds MaintenancePPGM970Zone C
Fred Dollar Food Services CommissaryFOOD971Zone C
Laboratory Animal Care BuildingLARR972Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit973Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit974Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit975Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit976Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit977Zone C
CMP-Quarantine Unit978Zone C
Turfgrass Field LabTURF979Zone C
Murray Case Sells Storage Bldg980Zone C
Trans Center Paint Storage983Zone C
TVMC-Caged AnimalsVMCA989Zone C
Cardiovascular Pathology Lab AnnexCPLX990Zone C
VMP Shop991Zone C
TVMC-Experimental Animal Building992Zone C
Water Distribution Pump Station No. 2995Zone C
Oil Tanks Boiler House996Zone C
Tick Research FacilityTICK997Zone C
Farm Service Office1000Zone C
Farm Service Implement #11001Zone C
Farm Service Implement #21002Zone C
Farm Service Shop1003Zone C
Farm Service Storage 21005Zone C
TVMC-Barn No 3VMB31008Zone C
TVMC-Small Animal Research BuildingVIV21010Zone C
Vivarium IIIVIV31020Zone C
Veterinary Medicine AdministrationVMA1026Zone C
Agronomy Implement Storage1029Zone C
AG Engr Res Lab & ShopAESH1030Zone C
AG Engineering Power & Machinery BuildingAEPM1034Zone C
Cardiovascular Pathology LaboratoryCPL1040Zone C
Texas Vet Med Diagnostic LabVMDL1041Zone C
Forest Science Laboratory BuildingFSLB1042Zone C
Mosquito Research Lab1043Zone C
TVMC-Poultry Research1044Zone C
USDA Greenhouse 11045Zone C
Virus-Vector Research Lab1047Zone C
USDA Greenhouse 21049Zone C
CUSE-Research Labs1050Zone C
Center for Urban and Structural Entomology (CUSE)CUSE1051Zone C
Weed Science Field Lab1052Zone C
Forage and Turf Greenhouse1054Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1056Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1057Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1058Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1059Zone C
Greenhouse-Small Grains1060Zone C
Greenhouse-Cotton Taxonomy1063Zone C
Greenhouse1064Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Dry Processing1065Zone C
Cotton Ginning Lab1066Zone C
Agronomy Field Crop Laboratory1067Zone C
Crop Testing1068Zone C
Ecology & Natural Resources Teaching Pavilion1075Zone C
SCSC Small Grain Greenhouse1077Zone C
Soil & Crop Peanut Greenhouse1078Zone C
SCSC-Weed Sci Greenhouse1079Zone C
West Campus Switching Station1084Zone C
Veterinary Small Animal HospitalVSAH1085Zone C
CMP-Housing Unit1086Zone C
CMP-Quarantine Unit1087Zone C
TVMC-Poultry Disease Research1094Zone C
Biological Control FacilityBCC1146Zone C
Billy Bryant Barn1149Zone C
Parsons Mounted Cavalry Tack Room1150Zone C
Equine Center StableEQCT1151Zone C
Equine Center Restroom1152Zone C
Electrical Distribution Storage1154Zone C
Facilities ServicesPLNT1156Zone C
Warehouse1157Zone C
Hazardous Waste Storage Bldg1165Zone C
CUSE-Special Project Lab & Storage1166Zone C
CUSE-Insect Testing Lab1167Zone C
CUSE-Shop & Storage1168Zone C
CUSE-Toxicology Hut1169Zone C
Flammable Mat Storage1172Zone C
Soil & Crop Greenhouse1173Zone C
Veterinary Anatomic PathologyVAPA1184Zone C
Parsons Cav Caretaker Facility1185Zone C
TVMC-Isolation Laboratory1186Zone C
W.P. Luse Foundation BuildingLFB1187Zone C
Forest Science Storage1188Zone C
TVMC-Surgery BuildingVMSB1192Zone C
Wildlife & Exotic Animal Ctr1193Zone C
Veterinary Large Animal HospitalVLAH1194Zone C
Non Surgical Animal Procedure1195Zone C
Animal Housing Unit1196Zone C
Veterinary Research BuildingVRB1197Zone C
LARR Support Personnel Bldg1198Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #11220Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #21221Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #31222Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #41223Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #51224Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #61225Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #71226Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #81227Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #91228Zone C
Theriogenology Facility, Equine ReproductionVMTF1232Zone C
Dry Feed Storage Facility1234Zone C
Small Horse Barn1236Zone C
Utilities Water Operations Building F&B Storage1242Zone C
Plumbing Fabrication Shop1243Zone C
Utilities Inventory Warehouse Building 11244Zone C
Cable Wire Storage1245Zone C
Generator Storage Building1246Zone C
Hazardous Waste Office & Support Bldg1247Zone C
Transportation Car/Bus Wash BuildingVWSH1248Zone C
Telecommunications Optical Remote Building1249Zone C
Cabin At Challenge Course1490Zone C
Shed At Challenge Course1491Zone C
Classroom At Challenge Course1492Zone C
12.47 KV Switching Station1496Zone C
Utilities & Energy Services Business OfficeUBO1497Zone C
Satellite Utility Plant No. 1SUP11498Zone C
Satellite Utility Plant No. 2SUP21499Zone C
Kleberg CenterKLCT1501Zone C
HEEP CenterHPCT1502Zone C
Cater-Mattil HallCMAT1503Zone C
Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology CenterMSTC1505Zone C
Biochemistry/Biophysics BuildingBICH1507Zone C
Price Hobgood Ag. Engineering Research LabHOBG1508Zone C
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance FacilityNMR1525Zone C
Schmidt House1700Zone C
Texas A&M Polo Club Stables1701Zone C
General Services ComplexGSC1800Zone C
Office of the State Chemist Building1810Zone C
Vet Med Research Bldg AdditionVMR1811Zone C
Texas A&M Institute For Genomic MedicineTIGM1900Zone C
Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies ATIPS A1904Zone C
Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies BTIPS B1905Zone C
Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies CTIPS C1906Zone C
National Center for Therapeutics ManufacturingNCTM1910Zone C
Multi-Species FacilityMSRB1911Zone C
400 Harvey Mitchell Pw (Valley Park Center)2938Zone C
402 Harvey Mitchell (Valley Park II)2941Zone C
TVMC-Wildlife & Exotic Animals4542Zone C
Variety Testing and Sorghum BreedingFSSB4634Zone C
Metal Building5200Zone C
GSC Portable Building8901Zone C