AggieWorks                       To submit and track work requests:     aggieworks.tamu.edu

Anyone with a UIN can log in and submit a work request.

Facilities Services            To obtain general information about each of the SSC departments: facilities.tamu.edu


ASSET MANAGEMENT/PM                                Operations Manager:  Charles Darby

Facilities Analyst:  Tony Balderrama-Durbin          979-595-6347


Facilities Analyst:  Joseph Tisch    979-219-9904                                                     Joseph.Tisch@sscserv.com

Facilities Assessor:  William “Joe” Berry   979-877-5462                                     William.Berry@sscserv.com

Facilities Assessor:  William “Brian” Pollard   979-429-3353                                Brian.Pollard@sscserv.com

To request for an asset on campus to be tagged, please send a message to tamuassets@sscserv.com


ATHLETICS                                                               Operations Manager:  Felix Flores

Supervisor:  Albert Gutierrez   979-446-3365        Albert.Gutierrez@sscserv.com

Alternate:  Kyle Smith   979-220-2146                    Kyle.Smith@sscserv.com

Coordinator:  Mysti Anderson   979-219-8255   Mysti.Anderson@sscserv.com


COMMUNICATIONS CENTER     Operations Manager:  Stephanie King

Communications Center staffed 24/7.   All after hours and weekend emergencies are to be reported to:

Main line (979) 845-4311          tamucommctr@sscserv.com

Workflow Supervisor: Brenda Barton

Office: 979-458-5930

Cell: 979-229-8148



Comm Center Supervisor:  Pauline Fread   936-870-5595        Pauline.Fread@sscserv.com


FAS – FIRE ALARM AND SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS   Operations Manager:  Charles Darby

Supervisor:    Lyn Boriskie               979-436-7106           Lyn.Boriskie@sscserv.com

Coordinator:  Crystal Lavigne           979-446-5417          Crystal.Lavigne@sscserv.com


GRAPHICS                                                       Operations Manager:  Charles Darby

Main Shop Line:                                 979-845-5444

Supervisor:  Kevin Scroggins             979-218-1879          Kevin.Scroggins@sscserv.com

Office Assistant: Marc Sigle               979-845-5444          Marc.Sigle@sscserv.com


HVAC                                                                         Operations Manager:  Eric Brewer


Coordinator:  Beatrice “Bea” Clay

Office: 979-458-2505

Cell: 979-218-0316



NIGHT/WEEKEND CREW                         Operations Manager:  Eric Brewer

Supervisor: Sam Underwood   979-220-1148    Sam.Underwood@sscserv.com


Coordinator: Erika Pastula

Office: 979-458-4947

Cell: 979-218-0460



REC SPORTS                                                            Operations Manager:  Felix Flores

Supervisor:  Laura Vega

Office: 979-862-2022

Cell: 979-436-3154




TRADES                                                                     Operations Manager:  Eric Brewer

Supervisor:  Wesley Bissett

Office: (979) 458-2523

Cell: (979) 224-0102


Responsible Master Plumber Supervisor:  Danny Lemley

Office: (979) 458-3140

Cell: (979) 219-6215



Responsible Master Electrician Supervisor:  Scott Welch

Office: (979) 458-3138

Cell: (979) 436-3164



Coordinator: Rhonda Whipple-Mumm

Office: (979) 458-4946

Cell: (979) 219-4424



Coordinator:  Krystle Calderon   (936) 727-0778                  Krystle.Calderon@sscserv.com


UCC – UNIVERSITY CENTER COMPLEX        Operations Manager:  Felix Flores  

Supervisor:  Michael Benavidez       (979) 218-6943                   Michael.Benavidez@sscserv.com

Alternate: Felix Flores                        (979) 220-9679                               Felix.Flores@sscserv.com


WAREHOUSE                                              Operations Manager:  Richard Longley

Main line: (979) 458-7970

Warehouse Supervisor:  Jeff Daniels   (979) 218-9788         Jeffrey.Daniels@sscserv.com

Purchasing Supervisor: David Pemberton   (979) 255-8560    David.Pemberton@sscserv.com

Accounts Payable Supervisor:  Glynda Cross   (979) 458-5719          Glynda.Cross@sscserv.com


ZONE A                                                         Operations Manager:  Felix Flores

Supervisor: Justin Anderson   (979) 530-6816                  Justin.Anderson@sscserv.com

Alternate:  Felix Flores                           (979) 220-9679                 Felix.Flores@sscserv.com

Coordinator:  Sharmial (Shea) Stevenson                       Sharmial.Stevenson@sscserv.com



ZONE B                                                          Operations Manager:  Felix Flores

Supervisor:  Nikki Simpson

Office: (979) 845-5340

Cell: (979) 218-3136



Coordinator:  Amy Speelman   (979) 436-2525          Amy.Speelman@sscserv.com



ZONE C                                                                      Operations Manager:  Felix Flores

Supervisor:  Justin Ellard             (979) 595-6527         Justin.Ellard@sscserv.com

Sr. Coordinator:  Barbara Davis   (979) 220-7410          Barbara.Davis@sscserv.com


ZONE D                                                                     Operations Manager:  Felix Flores

Supervisor:  Doug Schmidt   (979) 446-2276          Douglas.Schmidt@sscserv.com

Alternate:  Richard Bechtle    (979) 446-2338         Richard.Bechtle@sscserv.com

Coordinator:  Crystal Lavigne   (979) 446-5417          Crystal.Lavigne@sscserv.com


RES LIFE                                                                   Operations Manager:  Charles Darby

Supervisor:  LeTisha Zepeda     (979) 218-1787       LeTisha.Zepeda@sscserv.com

Coordinator:  Brandy Cobbs      (979) 220-7715        Brandy.Cobbs@sscserv.com



Eric Brewer                         Office: (979) 458-4945    Eric.Brewer@sscserv.com

Cell: (979) 224-4498

Charles Darby                    (512) 983-0036                  Charles.Darby@sscserv.com

Felix Flores                        (979) 220-9679               Felix.Flores@sscserv.com

Richard Longley                (979) 402-1422                  Richard.Longley@sscserv.com

Stephanie King                  (979) 530-5488                Stephanie.King@sscserv.com



Paul Tisch                        (512) 809-2244                 Paul.Tisch@sscserv.com