Brenda Barton serves as the AggieWorks Customer Service Supervisor. The AggieWorks team provides a wide range of customer support.  Our Customer Service Assistants ensure that customer requests submitted via are sent to the appropriate areas and they also answer customer inquiries.  In addition, AggieWorks has a talented staff of student employees to provide support within our department.

Beginning as a wage worker and working her way up to an Administrative Assistant, Brenda worked at A&M’s Physical Plant for an impressive 30 years! She has worked for SSC since 2012.

Outside of the office, Brenda enjoys fishing, dove hunting and spending time with her nieces and nephews, dog Gracie and cat Patches.  Brenda’s favorite vacation spots include Italy, Alaska and California.  “Treat others the way you wish to be treated” is a motto that Brenda strives to live by. The best piece of advice Brenda received was from her father: work hard and always do what is right.  Brenda is married to Keith, a Construction Inspector on the EDCS team.  Brenda does her best to make everyone feel welcome and is here to help out in any way she can.