Frequently Asked Questions

What is AggieBuy?

AggieBuy is Texas A&M University's new online catalog and ordering solution. The system is an on-demand software model written by a company named SciQuest with whom Texas A&M has signed a contract to bring us this solution.

Who is SciQuest?

SciQuest is the global leader in helping academic and research-centric organizations to realize the potential of strategic procurement by offering on-demand e-Procurement (purchasing) software to its customers.

Why was SciQuest's solution chosen?

SciQuest was chosen as the result of a formal "Request for Proposal" for an e-Procurement (purchasing) system specifically for Texas A&M University. The award was made based on specific stringent system requirements, awarded by a Texas A&M project committee made up of key representatives throughout Texas A&M.

Who will be able to place orders online through AggieBuy?

Anyone who has the need to place an order at Texas A&M. There will be additional security for those who can "approve" and release an order to a supplier.

What suppliers will be featured in AggieBuy?

There will be an initial list of suppliers, and the list will grow over time. Initial suppliers will include: Today's Business Solutions (office supplies), Dell Computer, Apple Computer, Grainger Inc., VWR, Print Acquisition (TOPS), and many more. They will be featured within AggieBuy as either a Catalog Supplier or a Punch-out Supplier (e.g. Dell Computer, where you can configure a computer on their website and still have it populate your shopping cart within AggieBuy).

How will I access the AggieBuy system and what userid will I use?

Your userid will be your Single Sign-On (SSO) userid which is your 9-digit UID (the same userid used to access HR Connect, LeaveTraq, etc.) You will be able to access AggieBuy from this site or directly from the Single Sign-On website.

Who do I contact if I have other specific questions about AggieBuy?

You can contact your AggieBuy Support Team by email and we will help answer your questions.