Building NameAbbreviationBuilding NumberMaintenance Zone
Maintenance Machine Shed7Zone D
Implement Barn10Zone D
Implement Storage Shed14Zone D
Aquaculture Research Teaching FacilityARTF39Zone D
Farm Service Office Bldg40Zone D
Farm Service Lab & Office41Zone D
Farm Service East Wing42Zone D
Farm Service Maint Shed43Zone D
Farm Service Chemical Storage44Zone D
Farm Service West Wing Shed45Zone D
Farm Service Northwest Shed46Zone C
Aquatic Research Center47Zone D
Field Lab Equipment Shed50Zone D
Field Lab Implement Shed51Zone D
Pump House52Zone D
Hatchery53Zone C
Sample Processing Laboratory54Zone D
Storage Shed55Zone D
Hatchery Bldg57Zone D
Rainwater Restroom60Zone D
Disability Services Bldg62Zone D
Conference Building #263Zone D
Residence Life Bldg64Zone D
Student Counseling Service Reception Bldg65Zone D
Student Counseling Service Bldg #166Zone D
Student Counseling Service Bldg #267Zone D
Student Life Bldg #268Zone D
Conference Building #169Zone D
Student Life Bldg #170Zone D
Farm Superintendent House113Zone D
Office Metal Building114Zone D
ESTI Private Sector Office139Zone D
ESTI Technical Equipment Storage145Zone D
ESTI Haz Mat Classroom148Zone D
ESTI Haz Mat Office149Zone D
Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center165Zone C
Equine Initiative Barn171Zone C
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Western Arena173Zone C
Equine Initiative Concessions/Locker Bldg174Zone C
Equine Initiative Equestrian/Locker Bldg175Zone C
Hunt Seat Arena176Zone C
Equine Initiative Education BldgEQEB177Zone C
Equine Initiative Outreach BldgEQOB178Zone C
Equine Initiative Equipment Shed181Zone C
Dr. David E. Schob Military Appreciation Home200Zone R South
Emerging Technologies BuildingETB270Zone B
Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities BuildingLAAH275Zone A
TX Forest Service Greenhouse276Zone C
TX Forest Service Greenhouse278Zone C
TX Forest Service GH Headhouse279Zone C
Lone Star Gas Protector Building280Zone B
Wells Residence HallWELL290Zone R South
Rudder Residence HallRUDD291Zone R South
Eppright Residence HallEPPR292Zone R South
Appelt Residence HallAPPE293Zone R South
Lechner Residence HallLECH294Zone R North
Mitchell Inst for Fundamental Phys & AstronomyMIST296Zone B
Mitchell Physics BuildingMPHY297Zone B
ESTI Electrical Building298Zone D
ESTI Control Building299Zone D
ESTI Pump Operations Building301Zone D
ESTI Pump Operations Building302Zone D
ESTI Pump Operations Building303Zone D
ESTI Pump Operations Building304Zone D
ESTI Breathing Apparatus Maze308Zone D
ESTI Breathing Apparatus Storage314Zone D
ESTI Pump Maintence Building315Zone D
ESTI Hay Barn323Zone D
CVE Lab BuildingCVLB325Zone B
ESTI Field Maintenance Office342Zone D
ESTI Recruit Classroom/Fire Station344Zone D
ESTI Breathing Apparatus Storage345Zone D
ESTI Annual School/Extension Offices/Gym347Zone D
ESTI Pump/Vehicle Maintenance348Zone D
Albritton Bell Tower350Zone A
Bright BuildingHRBB353Zone B
ESTI Hazardous Material Classroom354Zone D
Parking Booth At PA35356Zone A
Vending Machine Booth357Zone A
Davis Football Player Development CenterDPDC358Athletics
Architecture Building BARCB359Zone B
Bright Football ComplexBFC361Athletics
Shed-VP Student Services363Zone A
Kyle FieldKYLE367Athletics
Hensel Park Restrooms373Zone B
Williams Alumni CenterCLAC375Zone A
ChemistryCHAN376Zone B
Satellite Utility Plant No. 3SUP3377Zone A
South Side Parking GarageSSPG378Zone A
University Center Parking GarageUCPG379Zone A
Koldus BuildingJJKB383UCC
Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets CenterSCCT384Zone A
CE Office BuildingCVOB385Zone B
Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering BuildingCHEN386Zone B
Joe C. Richardson Petroleum Engineering BuildingRICH387Zone B
Northside Parking GarageNSPG388Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Potting Shed389Zone B
James J. Cain '51 BuildingENPH391Zone B
Mechanical Engineering Office BuildingMEOB392Zone B
John H. Lindsey BuildingLIND393Zone A
Underwood Residence HallUNDE394Zone R South
Langford Architecture Center Building AARCA398Zone B
Spence Hall - Dorm 1SPEN400Zone R South
Kiest Hall - Dorm 2KIES401Zone R South
Briggs Hall - Dorm 3BRIG402Zone R South
Fountain Hall - Dorm 4FOUN403Zone R South
Gainer Hall - Dorm 5GAIN404Zone R South
Lacy Hall - Dorm 6LACY405Zone R South
Leonard Hall - Dorm 7LEON406Zone R South
Harrell Hall - Dorm 8HARL407Zone R South
Whitely Hall - Dorm 9WHTE408Zone R South
White Hall - Dorm 10WHIT409Zone R South
Harrington Hall - Dorm 11HARR410Zone R South
Utay Hall - Dorm 12UTAY411Zone R South
Moses Residence HallMOSE412Zone R North
Davis-Gary Residence HallDAVI415Zone R North
Bizzell HallBIZL416Zone A
Hart Residence HallHART417Zone R South
Legett Residence HallLEGE419Zone R North
Milner HallMILN420Zone B
Walton Residence HallWALT422Zone R North
Hotard HallHOTA424Zone B
Henderson HallHEND425Zone A
Hughes Residence HallHUGH426Zone R North
Fowler Residence HallFOWL427Zone R North
Keathley Residence HallKEAT428Zone R North
Schuhmacher Residence HallSCHU430Zone R North
Architecture Building CARCC432Zone B
Mosher Residence HallMOSH433Zone R South
Luedecke Building (Cyclotron)CYCL434Zone B
Harrington Education Center Office TowerEDCT435Zone A
Reed-McDonald BuildingRDMC436Zone B
Harrington Education Center Classroom BuildingHECC438Zone A
CommonsCOMM440Zone R South
Krueger Residence HallKRUE441Zone R South
Dunn Residence HallDUNN442Zone R South
Oceanography & Meteorology BuildingOM443Zone A
Peterson BuildingPETR444Zone A
Teague Research CenterTEAG445Zone A
Rudder TowerRDER446UCC
Aston Residence HallASTO447Zone R South
Adams Band HallADAM448Zone A
Biological Sciences Bldg WestBSBW449Zone A
Duncan Dining HallDCAN450Zone A
Memorial Student CenterMSC454UCC
Military Sciences BuildingMILS456Zone A
TAES Annex BuildingTAES457Zone A
Engineering Activities Bldg CEABC458Zone A
Engineering Activities Bldg BEABB459Zone A
Engineering Activities Bldg AEABA460Zone A
Coke BuildingCOKE461Zone A
Academic BuildingACAD462Zone A
Psychology BuildingPSYC463Zone A
State Chemist BuildingSTCH464Zone A
Butler HallBTLR465Zone A
Biological Sciences Bldg EastBSBE467Zone A
Evans LibraryLIBR468Zone A
Central Campus Parking GarageCCPG469Zone A
Melbern G. Glasscock BuildingGLAS470Zone A
PavilionPAV471Zone A
AI Engineering BuildingAIEN472Zone A
Jack K. Williams Administration BuildingADMN473Zone A
YMCA BuildingYMCA474Zone A
Francis HallFRAN476Zone B
Anthropology BuildingANTH477Zone B
Scoates HallSCTS478Zone B
Bolton HallBLTN480Zone A
Heaton HallHEAT481Zone B
Fermier HallFERM482Zone B
Thompson HallTHOM483Zone B
ChemistryCHEM484Zone B
Halbouty Geosciences BuildingHALB490Zone B
Civil Engineering BuildingCVE492Zone B
Sbisa Dining HallSBSA495Zone B
Utilities & Energy Services Central OfficeUCO496Zone B
Central Utility PlantCUP498Zone B
Engineering Innovation CenterEIC499Zone B
Concrete Materials LaboratoryCONC501Zone B
Nagle HallNGLE506Zone A
Veterinary Medical Sciences BuildingVMS507Zone C
Veterinary Teaching HospitalVTH508Zone C
Adriance Lab510Zone D
HEEP Laboratory BuildingHLB511Zone A
All Faiths ChapelCHPL512UCC
Doherty BuildingDRTY513Zone B
Munnerlyn Astronomy & Space Sciences EngineeringMASS514Zone B
Computing Services CenterCSC516Zone A
DPC AnnexCSA517Zone A
Engineering Education Complex/ZachryEEC518Zone B
Moore Communications CenterKAMU519Zone A
Beutel Health CenterBEUT520Zone A
Heldenfels HallHELD521Zone A
Blocker BuildingBLOC524Zone B
Volatile Storage Building525Zone B
Break Room at Central Utility Plant547Zone B
Clements Residence HallCLEM548Zone R North
Haas Residence HallHAAS549Zone R North
McFadden Residence HallMCFA550Zone R North
Vice President's ResidencePRVP630Zone A
Compressor House632Zone A
President's ResidencePRES634Zone A
Grounds Maintenance Storage635Zone A
Neeley Residence HallNEEL652Zone R North
Hobby Residence HallHOBB653Zone R North
Golf Course Maintenance Shop655Zone A
Golf Course ClubhouseGOLF672Zone A
Golf Course Halfway House677Zone A
Wisenbaker Engineering BuildingWEB682Zone B
Grounds Maintenance - Tractor Shed685Zone B
ESTI Industrial Classroom687Zone D
ESTI Industrial Technician Office/Shop688Zone D
ESTI Warehouse Building689Zone D
Chemistry Chemical Storage715Zone B
Storage and Lab-Cyclotron717Zone B
Storage-Cyclotron718Zone B
ESTI Breathing Apparatus Compressor Building724Zone D
Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse 4726Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse 5728Zone B
Biology Greenhouse729Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse732Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse733Zone B
McNew LaboratoryMCNW740Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Storage742Zone B
Wind Tunnel Compressor Building744Zone D
Grounds Maintenance Supply Bldg747Zone B
Easterwood Shops754Zone D
Easterwood General Aviation Terminal755Zone D
Easterwood Airport Hangar756Zone D
Waste Water Lift Station757Zone D
Nicks Low Speed Wind TunnelWIND759Zone D
Horticulture Implement Shed - A797Zone D
Horticulture Implement Shed - B798Zone D
Horticulture Shop799Zone D
Soil Testing LabSTL806Zone C
Entomology Research LabERLB815Zone C
Water Distribution Pump Station No. 1816Zone C
Well Field Pump Station817Zone D
Grounds Maintenance Implement Shed824Zone B
Grounds Shop Warehouse828Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Office Shop/Stor829Zone B
Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse831Zone B
Horse CenterHRCT853Zone A
CUSE-ChemistryINSC861Zone C
Butler Building862Zone C
TVMC-Small Animal Building880Zone C
TVMC-Barn No 2943Zone C
Agronomy Field LabAGRL954Zone C
Soil/Crop Cotton Genetic Greenhouse955Zone C
Perennial Grass Breeding and GeneticsPGBG956Zone C
Purchasing & StoresPRCH957Zone C
Fleet ServicesFLSV958Zone C
Plant Science Greenhouse959Zone C
SCS Forage GreenhouseSCSFGH960Zone C
Cotton Greenhouse961Zone C
Plant Science Grain Sorghum Greenhouse962Zone C
Hort & Plant Science Greenhouse963Zone C
Agronomy Greenhouse964Zone C
Beasley LaboratoryBEAS965Zone C
Purchasing & Stores - General Storage966Zone C
Purchasing & Stores - Volatile Storage967Zone C
Transit ServicesTRSV969Zone C
Phys Plant-Grounds MaintenancePPGM970Zone C
Fred Dollar Food Services CommissaryFOOD971Zone C
Laboratory Animal Care BuildingLARR972Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit973Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit974Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit975Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit976Zone C
CMP-Animal Housing Unit977Zone C
CMP-Quarantine Unit978Zone C
Turfgrass Field LabTURF979Zone C
Murray Case Sells Storage Bldg980Zone C
Trans Center Paint Storage983Zone C
TVMC-Caged AnimalsVMCA989Zone C
Cardiovascular Pathology Lab AnnexCPLX990Zone C
VMP Shop991Zone C
TVMC-Experimental Animal Building992Zone C
Water Distribution Pump Station No. 2995Zone C
Oil Tanks Boiler House996Zone C
Tick Research FacilityTICK997Zone C
Farm Service Office1000Zone C
Farm Service Implement #11001Zone C
Farm Service Implement #21002Zone C
Farm Service Shop1003Zone C
Farm Service Storage 21005Zone C
TVMC-Barn No 3VMB31008Zone C
TVMC-Small Animal Research BuildingVIV21010Zone C
Horticulture Shop and Garage1011Zone D
Vivarium IIIVIV31020Zone C
Veterinary Medicine AdministrationVMA1026Zone C
Nursery Floral Field LaboratoryNFFL1027Zone B
Agronomy Implement Storage1029Zone C
AG Engr Res Lab & ShopAESH1030Zone C
AG Engineering Power & Machinery BuildingAEPM1034Zone C
Cardiovascular Pathology LaboratoryCPL1040Zone C
Texas Vet Med Diagnostic LabVMDL1041Zone C
Forest Science Laboratory BuildingFSLB1042Zone C
Mosquito Research Lab1043Zone C
TVMC-Poultry Research1044Zone C
USDA Greenhouse 11045Zone C
Virus-Vector Research Lab1047Zone C
USDA Greenhouse 21049Zone C
CUSE-Research Labs1050Zone C
Center for Urban and Structural Entomology (CUSE)CUSE1051Zone C
Weed Science Field Lab1052Zone C
Forage and Turf Greenhouse1054Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1056Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1057Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1058Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Greenhouse1059Zone C
Greenhouse-Small Grains1060Zone C
Greenhouse-Cotton Taxonomy1063Zone C
Greenhouse1064Zone C
Soil & Crop Sci Dry Processing1065Zone C
Cotton Ginning Lab1066Zone C
Agronomy Field Crop Laboratory1067Zone C
Crop Testing1068Zone C
Ecology & Natural Resources Teaching Pavilion1075Zone C
SCSC Small Grain Greenhouse1077Zone C
Soil & Crop Peanut Greenhouse1078Zone C
SCSC-Weed Sci Greenhouse1079Zone C
Research Park Maintenance Building1083Zone D
West Campus Switching Station1084Zone C
Veterinary Small Animal HospitalVSAH1085Zone C
CMP-Housing Unit1086Zone C
CMP-Quarantine Unit1087Zone C
Utilities & Energy Services Energy OfficeUEOA1089Zone D
Easterwood Hangar 10911091Zone D
Easterwood Hangar 10921092Zone D
TVMC-Poultry Disease Research1094Zone C
Nuclear Science Cntr1095Zone D
Gamma Radiation Lab1096Zone D
N.S.C. Hyperbaric Lab1098Zone D
Floriculture Greenhouse1129Zone B
ESTI Extinguisher Refill Building1140Zone D
ESTI Rescue Classroom1141Zone D
ESTI Marine Classroom/First Aid1142Zone D
ESTI Fixed System Classroom1143Zone D
ESTI Industrial Classroom1144Zone D
Biological Control FacilityBCC1146Zone C
Billy Bryant Barn1149Zone C
Parsons Mounted Cavalry Tack Room1150Zone C
Equine Center StableEQCT1151Zone C
Equine Center Restroom1152Zone C
Electrical Distribution Storage1154Zone C
Facilities ServicesPLNT1156Zone C
Warehouse1157Zone C
Pearce Animal PavilionPRPV1160Zone A
Reed House1161Zone A
Hazardous Waste Storage Bldg1165Zone C
CUSE-Special Project Lab & Storage1166Zone C
CUSE-Insect Testing Lab1167Zone C
CUSE-Shop & Storage1168Zone C
CUSE-Toxicology Hut1169Zone C
Radioactive Waste Building1171Zone D
Flammable Mat Storage1172Zone C
Soil & Crop Greenhouse1173Zone C
Hort/FS Greenhouse1176Zone D
Hort/FS Greenhouse1177Zone D
Hort/FS Greenhouse1178Zone D
Forest Science Greenhouse1179Zone D
Floriculture Farm Storage Bldg1180Zone D
Range Science Field Lab1183Zone D
Veterinary Anatomic PathologyVAPA1184Zone C
Parsons Cav Caretaker Facility1185Zone C
TVMC-Isolation Laboratory1186Zone C
W.P. Luse Foundation BuildingLFB1187Zone C
Forest Science Storage1188Zone C
Floriculture Research Greenhouse1190Zone B
Floriculture Growing Facility1191Zone B
TVMC-Surgery BuildingVMSB1192Zone C
Wildlife & Exotic Animal Ctr1193Zone C
Veterinary Large Animal HospitalVLAH1194Zone C
Non Surgical Animal Procedure1195Zone C
Animal Housing Unit1196Zone C
Veterinary Research BuildingVRB1197Zone C
LARR Support Personnel Bldg1198Zone C
Poultry Science HeadquartersFARM1201Zone D
Poultry Sci Handling & JudgingPOSC1202Zone D
Poultry Sci Nutrition & PhysPSNP1203Zone D
Poultry Sci Environmental Res1204Zone D
Poultry Science Feed Mixing1205Zone D
Poultry Sci Equipment Storage1206Zone D
Poultry Sci Repro & Embryology1207Zone D
Poultry Sci Comparative Rearing1208Zone D
Poultry Sci Integrated Repro1209Zone D
PS Intensive Mgt & Rearing1210Zone D
Poultry Science Broiler #11211Zone D
Poultry Science Broiler #21212Zone D
Poultry Science Caged Layer #11213Zone D
Poultry Science Caged Layer #21214Zone D
PS Environmental Biotechnology1215Zone D
PS Gamebird Repro & Management1216Zone D
PS Gamebird Rearing & Flt Pen1217Zone D
Refuse Collection Maintenance1218Zone D
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #11220Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #21221Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #31222Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #41223Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #51224Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #61225Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #71226Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #81227Zone C
TVMC-Animal Isolation Bldg #91228Zone C
Theriogenology Facility, Equine ReproductionVMTF1232Zone C
Dry Feed Storage Facility1234Zone C
Small Horse Barn1236Zone C
Robotic ObservatoryOBSR1238Zone D
Physics Teaching ObservatoryOBSV1239Zone D
Utilities Water Operations Building F&B Storage1242Zone C
Plumbing Fabrication Shop1243Zone C
Utilities Inventory Warehouse Building 11244Zone C
Cable Wire Storage1245Zone C
Generator Storage Building1246Zone C
Hazardous Waste Office & Support Bldg1247Zone C
Transportation Car/Bus Wash BuildingVWSH1248Zone C
Telecommunications Optical Remote Building1249Zone C
Airport-Aircraft Hanger J1259Zone D
Airport Hangar1260Zone D
McKenzie Terminal Building1262Zone D
TAC Realty Hanger1264Zone D
Parking Toll Booth-Easterwood1265Zone D
Nat'l Aerothermochemistry Lab, Bldg 11268Zone D
Low Speed Wind Tunnel Shop1269Zone D
Nat'l Aerothermochemistry Lab, Bldg 21271Zone D
Klebanoff-Saric Wind Tunnel (Unsteady Wind Tunnel)KSWT1274Zone D
Easterwood Rescue and Fire Facility1277Zone D
ESTI Bathroom (Parker's Privy)1280Zone D
ESTI Industrial Bunker Gear Drying Building1283Zone D
ESTI Breathing Apparatus Repair Building1284Zone D
ESTI EMS Shop/Storage Building1287Zone D
Turbo Machine Storage Facility1295Zone D
Easterwood Maintenance Support Facility1296Zone D
Land, Air, Space Robotics1297Zone D
Turbo Lab Support Building1298Zone D
Turbomachinery Laboratory1299Zone D
Nuclear Science Center Laboratory1307Zone D
ESTI H. D. Smith Operations Complex1345Zone D
ESTI Bathroom (SCBA Area)1347Zone D
ESTI Rescue/Disaster City Canine Support1349Zone D
ESTI Bathroom (Hazardous Materials Area)1350Zone D
ESTI Bathroom (Marine Area)1351Zone D
ESTI Bathroom (Industrial Area)1352Zone D
ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B1353Zone D
ESTI Industrial Office1354Zone D
ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B1355Zone D
ESTI Industrial Office1356Zone D
ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B1357Zone D
ESTI Business Office1358Zone D
ESTI Hazardous Materials Classrm/Mrkting Office1359Zone D
ESTI Marine/EHS Office1360Zone D
ESTI Rescue Classroom A&B1361Zone D
ESTI Field Maintenance Shop1363Zone D
EMS Classroom/EMS Storage1364Zone D
ESTI EMS Classroom1365Zone D
ESTI Industrial Classrooms A&B1366Zone D
ESTI EMS Office1367Zone D
ESTI Vendor Store1368Zone D
Emergency Operations TRNG Center1370Zone D
Rescue/Disaster City Warehouse1382Zone D
ESTI WMD Restroom1385Zone D
ESTI Curriculum Office1386Zone D
ESTI Leadership/Certification/Evaluation Office1387Zone D
TEEX Emergency Services Lab1388Zone D
Pat Barrett Bunker Gear Drying Facility1391Zone D
Buzbee Leadership Learning CenterBUZB1402Zone R South
H. Grady Ash, Jr. '58 Leadership Learning CenterASH11403Zone R South
Corps Lounge - E1410Zone R South
Corps Lounge - F1411Zone R South
Civilian Lounge - A21412Zone R North
Civilian Lounge - A3CVLNA31415Zone R North
Hullabaloo Residence HallHLBL1416Zone R North
Civilian Lounge - A11427Zone R North
Civilian Lounge - C11430Zone R North
Laundry @ The Gardens1450Zone R South
The Gardens J1451Zone R South
The Gardens K1452Zone R South
The Gardens L1453Zone R South
The Gardens F1454Zone R South
The Gardens G1455Zone R South
The Gardens H1456Zone R South
The Gardens M1457Zone R South
The Gardens N1458Zone R South
The Gardens P1459Zone R South
The Gardens Q1460Zone R South
Activity Building1461Zone R South
Cabin At Challenge Course1490Zone C
Shed At Challenge Course1491Zone C
Classroom At Challenge Course1492Zone C
12.47 KV Switching Station1496Zone C
Utilities & Energy Services Business OfficeUBO1497Zone C
Satellite Utility Plant No. 1SUP11498Zone C
Satellite Utility Plant No. 2SUP21499Zone C
Kleberg CenterKLCT1501Zone C
HEEP CenterHPCT1502Zone C
Cater-Mattil HallCMAT1503Zone C
Reynolds Medical Sciences BuildingREYN1504Zone D
Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology CenterMSTC1505Zone C
Horticulture/Forest Science BuildingHFSB1506Zone D
Biochemistry/Biophysics BuildingBICH1507Zone C
Price Hobgood Ag. Engineering Research LabHOBG1508Zone C
Medical Sciences LibraryMEDL1509Zone D
Wehner BuildingWCBA1510Zone D
West Campus Library FacilityWCLF1511Zone D
Southern Crop Improvement GreenhouseSCIG1512Zone D
Borlaug Center for Southern Crop ImprovementSCIC1513Zone D
Parking Toll Booth At PA721514Zone D
Horticulture Field Laboratory1516Zone D
Horticulture Cabin1517Zone D
School of Public Health - Admin BldgSPHA1518Zone D
School of Public Health - Lab BldgSPHB1519Zone D
School of Public Health - Classroom BldgSPHC1520Zone D
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance FacilityNMR1525Zone C
Interdisciplinary Life Sciences BuildingILSB1530Zone A
Agriculture and Life Sciences BuildingAGLS1535Zone D
AgriLife Services BuildingAGSV1536Zone D
The AgriLife CenterAGCT1538Zone D
Physical Education Activity Program BuildingPEAP1540Zone A
Physical Education Boot Camp and Archery AnnexPEBC1541Zone A
McFerrin Athletic Center-Indoor Football1547Athletics
McFerrin Athletic Center-Indoor TrackITRK1548Athletics
Olsen Field Batting Cage Facility1549Zone A
Olsen Field at Bluebell ParkOLSN1550Athletics
Olsen (E.D.) Grove Picnic Area1552Zone A
Reed ArenaREED1554Zone A
Track & Field Support Center1555Athletics
Penberthy Intramural Sports CenterPISC1556Rec Sports
Track & Field CTR Ticket Booth1557Athletics
Cox-McFerrin Center for Aggie Basketball1558Athletics
West Campus Parking GarageWCG1559Zone A
Student Recreation CenterSREC1560Rec Sports
George P. Mitchell '40 Outdoor Tennis Center1561Athletics
Wireless Telecommunications Facility1562Zone A
Johnson Track & Field1565Athletics
Julia And Mark Ellis '79 Soccer Building1566Athletics
Softball Building1567Athletics
Varsity Soccer Press Box1568Athletics
Mitchell Tennis Center Ticket Booth1569Athletics
Omar Smith Instructional Tennis CenterWCTC1570Zone A
West Campus Office Pavilion1571Athletics
Soccer/Intramural Restroom1572Athletics
Equine Hay & Grass Storage1574Zone A
Animal Science Stallion Barn1575Zone A
Animal Science Equine Nutrition BarnEQNB1576Zone A
Penberthy RecSports Pavillion1578Rec Sports
Small Upland Fowl Res Lab (Mothballed in 2014)1579Zone A
Penberthy RecSports Maintenance Bldg1581Rec Sports
Player Development Center-West CampusPDCWC1582Athletics
White Creek Apartments Activity Center1589Zone R North
White Creek Apartments #11590Zone R North
White Creek Apartments #21591Zone R North
White Creek Apartments #31592Zone R North
IODP Hazmat Containment1597Zone D
1313 Research Parkway (Lynntech Building)1598Zone D
2 Research Park2RPK1599Zone D
Gilchrist Building (T.T.I.)GGB1600Zone D
International Ocean Discovery BuildingIODP1601Zone D
1111 Research Parkway BldgONRP1602Zone D
Donald L. Houston BuildingDLH1603Zone D
Offshore Technology Research CenterOTRC1604Zone D
Centeq BuildingCEN1605Zone D
George Bush Presidential Library & MuseumBPLM1606Zone D
Allen BuildingALLN1607Zone D
Annenberg Presidential Conference CenterBPCC1608Zone D
TTI State Headquarters & Research BuildingTTIHQ1609Zone D
Reta and Bill Haynes '46 Coastal Engineering LabCEL1610Zone D
Giesecke Engineering Research BuildingGERB1611Zone D
Electron Beam Food Research FacilityEBRF1620Zone D
Research Park Switching Station1698Zone D
GTE Optical Remote Module (ODM) Facility @ Researc1699Zone D
Schmidt House1700Zone C
Texas A&M Polo Club Stables1701Zone C
Traditions Golf Learning CenterTGLC1720Athletics
Reproductive Sciences Bldg. A1750Zone D
Reproductive Sciences Bldg. D1753Zone D
Reproductive Sciences Bldg. E1754Zone D
Reproductive Sciences Bldg. F1755Zone D
Reproductive Sciences Bldg. I1758Zone D
Reproductive Sciences Bldg. J1759Zone D
General Services ComplexGSC1800Zone C
Office of the State Chemist Building1810Zone C
Vet Med Research Bldg AdditionVMR1811Zone C
Texas A&M Institute For Genomic MedicineTIGM1900Zone C
Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies ATIPS A1904Zone C
Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies BTIPS B1905Zone C
Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies CTIPS C1906Zone C
National Center for Therapeutics ManufacturingNCTM1910Zone C
Multi-Species FacilityMSRB1911Zone C
707 Texas Ave Bldg A2902Zone B
3400 S Texas (Family Health Center)2913Zone A
2700 Earl Rudder Fwy South, Suite 18002914Zone A
702 E University Bldg E2917Zone B
Executive Office Plaza, Bryan Tx2918Zone B
TEES State Headquarters Bldg2922Zone A
USAR Gateway Facility2929Zone A
400 Harvey Mitchell Pw (Valley Park Center)2938Zone C
702 E. University, Bldg D2939Zone B
402 Harvey Mitchell (Valley Park II)2941Zone C
Science Park Bldg (Suite 700)2944Zone A
HortTREC Office-Warehouse2950Zone D
GERG Main Office BuildingGERG3050Zone A
GERG East Lab & Office Building3051Zone A
GERG Portable Building3053Zone A
GERG Warehouse3054Zone A
GERG Solvent Shed3055Zone A
GERG Gas Shed3056Zone A
Business Management Services Record Storage3098Zone A
Business Management Services BuildingBMSB3099Zone A
Hagler CenterHGLR3100Zone A
Horticulture Garden Volunteer Office3170Zone B
Horticulture OfficeHORTOF3171Zone B
Horticulture ClassroomHORTCL3172Zone B
Becky Gates Children's Center Multipurpose Bldg3190Zone B
Hensel Park Telecom Building #23195Zone B
Hensel Park Telecom Building3196Zone B
University Apts Community Maintenance Bldg3197Zone R South
University Apartments Community CenterUACC3198Zone R South
Becky Gates Children's Center3199Zone B
Moore-Connally Building3200Zone B
State HGTRS Thermal Plant3201Zone B
Texas A&M System Agency Office BuildingAMSB3205Zone A
University Services BuildingUSB3400Zone B
AgriLife Extension 4-H State Headquarters4HHQ3410Zone A
White (G.R.) Conference Center4001Zone D
Beef Cattle Center Headquarters4002Zone D
Beef Cattle Center Feed Mill4003Zone D
Beef Cattle Center Equip Storage4004Zone D
Nutrition/Physiology Center4010Zone D
Equipment Storage/Diet Prep4011Zone D
Farrowing/Nursery4016Zone D
Sheep & Goat Center4020Zone D
Livestock Housing4021Zone D
Isolation Barn4022Zone D
Thomsen Animal Euthenics Center4025Zone D
Wastewater Treatment PlantWWTP4050Zone D
WWTP Primary Pump BuildingTPPP4051Zone D
WWTP Secondary Pump BuildingTPSP4052Zone D
WWTP Disinfection BuildingTPDB4053Zone D
WWTP Digester Boiler BuildingTPBB4054Zone D
WWTP Equipment Storage BuildingTPES4055Zone D
AG Comm Print Ctr & Storage Bldg4430Zone D
Extension Center Office Building4431Zone D
TVMC-Wildlife & Exotic Animals4542Zone C
Variety Testing and Sorghum BreedingFSSB4634Zone C
Metal Building5200Zone C
TEEX Hangar/ClassroomsELTC6030Zone D
Chemical Supplies Storage6047Zone D
Volatile Storage6060Zone D
Research Support Bldg6069Zone D
ITSI Storage6071Zone D
Storage and Research Lab6095Zone D
Aquaculture Lab (Mothballed)6242Zone D
Energy Systems Lab6502Zone D
SAE Bldg.6775Zone D
Bath House6881Zone D
Rest Rooms6882Zone D
Honey Bee/Apiary Services Building6884Zone D
Storage Building7002Zone D
Office Building7003Zone D
PreFabWood Frame Office Bldg. - Riverside Campus7004Zone D
Chapel & Assembly Hall7006Zone D
Automated Fabrication and Design LabRNCH7007Zone D
TTI Erosion and Sediment Control Laboratory/Rainfa7030Zone D
U.S.D.A. Hangar No.27041Zone D
U.S.D.A. Hangar No.17042Zone D
U.S.D.A. Hangar No.37043Zone D
U.S.D.A. Hangar No.47044Zone D
U.S.D.A. Hangar7045Zone D
Aerospace Hangar7046Zone D
Electrical and Computer Engineering Solar7056Zone D
TEES Records Archive7057Zone D
TTI Research7061Zone D
Conservation Research Lab7063Zone D
Conservation Projects7064Zone D
CRL Storage7065Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Driving Track Pavilion7066Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Driving Track Restroom7067Zone D
Flight Lab Storage7078Zone D
Turbo Lab Storage7079Zone D
Biology Storage7080Zone D
TTI Safety Division Hangar7090Zone D
TTI Hangar Office Building7091Zone D
Mechanical Tech Lab7092Zone D
TTI Machining Facility7093Zone D
TTI Storage7095Zone D
TTI Environmental & Emissions Research Facility7096Zone D
Warehouse7098Zone D
Publications Pro. Center7176Zone D
Nautical Archeology Storage7177Zone D
TEEX Storage7178Zone D
Processing Lab7180Zone D
Solvent Extraction Building7181Zone D
Extraction Building7182Zone D
Refinery7183Zone D
Fats & Oils Processing Building7184Zone D
TEEX Copy Center7240Zone D
Telecommunications Optical Remote Bldg-Riverside7439Zone D
Riverside Water Distribution Pump Station7441Zone D
TTI Pendulum Test Facility7500Zone D
AM VI Office and Shops7535Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Office Bldg7751Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Gym7752Zone D
TEES Smoke Detector Research7800Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Prop House #17801Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Prop House #27802Zone D
TEEX ITSI Offices7900Zone D
TEEX - ITSI7901Zone D
ESTI Haz Mat Classroom7904Zone D
ESTI Haz Mat Warehouse7905Zone D
TEEX ITSI Shop7906Zone D
ESTI Haz Mat Technician Shop7907Zone D
ESTI Haz Mat Storage7910Zone D
TEEX ITSI Garage & Offices8000Zone D
TEEX ITSI Offices - Water Lab8004Zone D
Administrative Bldg8007Zone D
IODP/Oceanography Bldg8031Zone D
Ocean Drilling Test Facility8032Zone D
TEEX - ITSI Tech Bldg8081Zone D
Telecommunications Building8083Zone D
TEEX Warehouse8175Zone D
Instructional Materials Serv8236Zone D
Archaeological Projects Building8483Zone D
Nautical Archaeology8488Zone D
Warehouse8508Zone D
TTI Pavements Research Facility8510Zone D
Warehouse8511Zone D
Warehouse8512Zone D
Warehouse8513Zone D
Warehouse8516Zone D
Warehouse8517Zone D
Warehouse8518Zone D
Warehouse8519Zone D
Joint Library Facility with UTJLF8520Zone D
Warehouse8521Zone D
Warehouse8522Zone D
Warehouse8523Zone D
Warehouse8524Zone D
Food Protein R&D Center8525Zone D
Warehouse8529Zone D
Warehouse8530Zone D
Wash Rack8531Zone D
Fire Station8532Zone D
Paint Booth8541Zone D
Truck Maintenance Shop8561Zone D
Flammable Materials Storage at CUP8577Zone B
Water Lab at CUP8578Zone B
TEEX - PS&S UXO Demo Range Pavilion8600Zone D
TEEX - PS&S UXO Search Grid Pavilion8601Zone D
TEEX - PS&S Firing Range Classroom8685Zone D
TEEX Shoot House8687Zone D
Bonfire Memorial Restroom8800Zone B
W5AC Amateur Radio Club BuildingW5AC8900Zone B
GSC Portable Building8901Zone C
Bryan CIS Space0BR1Zone B
Fiber Town0BR2Zone B