Classroom Improvement Committee Projects

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The Classroom Improvement Committee (CIC) was created in Fall 2013 by the Council for the Build Environment Maintenance Sub-council (CBE-Msc) and charged with the task of examining and assessing potential improvement opportunities for all Registrar-maintained classroom facilities on the Texas A&M University – College Station campus over the next five years.

SSC currently has two staff members serving as committee members (Richard Gentry, Resident Regional Manager and Sarah Morris, EDCS Project Manager) and manages all the construction projects related to the classroom enhancement.  SSC has worked directly with seating manufacturers to develop seating and writing surface solutions unique to Texas A&M as a direct result of student, faculty, and staff feedback from surveys conducted in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.  As fiscal year two draws to a close, SSC along with the CIC has improved classrooms impacting 12,000 seats across 11 classroom buildings.

This past Spring, renovations to Scoates 208 were completed.  This project extensively involved work with the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN) and the preservation architect engaged in documenting the original finishes throughout the building.  The elaborate chandelier designed out of scaled down agricultural equipment and stenciled ceiling tiles were restored to the original 1933 condition by funding secured by BAEN.  New seating, accessibility improvements and technology improvements were funded by CIC.  The entire project totaling $572,700 was celebrated in February in a grand reopening.

This summer SSC has major renovations in five buildings across main campus.  The most ambitious renovation is in Biological Sciences East Building (BSBE), classroom 115 with a project budget of $765,800.  Constructed in 1967, the large lecture hall has remained mostly untouched since the building’s completion.  A large saltwater fish tank maintained by the Biology department is immediately outside of the classroom in the corridor and classroom’s main entrance.  CIC is partnering with Biology to improve the entrance into the classroom and the lecture hall itself.  The existing stage, inaccessible to existing faculty and students, will be removed.  New seating, lighting, flooring, and acoustical treatments will be installed.  This project is currently underway and scheduled for completion in mid-August.

Below please find the CIC website to show before and after images of projects: